Areas of Focus

ADAPT wants to decrease underage drinking and drug abuse in Essex County, from Newark to Fairfield and everywhere in between. We also want to prevent substance abuse and addiction among all residents. Through community-level interventions we strive to decrease the use of drugs and alcohol among youth and young adults while also empowering them to choose healthier lifestyles.

Underage Drinking is on the rise in Essex County.  Since 2007, 39% of Essex County Middle School students have used alcohol (compared to 34% Statewide).[1]  ADAPT is committed to educating the community about the consequences of alcohol use at a young age and about policies in place to prevent underage drinking.  We also apply research-based, environmental strategies to prevent underage drinking, including helping liquor establishments to institute written policies, train their employees, and ensure that all customers are carded.

Prescription Drug Abuse is a growing public health issue among both youth and adults. In 2010, roughly 7 million people nationwide reported recreational use of psychotherapeutic drugs.[2] ADAPT is dedicated to educating our communities about prescription drug abuse and applying research-based, environmental strategies to reduce access to these drugs, such as by creating and promoting secure community-based drug disposal programs/locations.

Tobacco Use continues to be an national and local issue with high prevalence rates of tobacco use.  In 2010, 44.5% of NJ high school students reported ever having used any form of tobacco in their lifetime. [3] ADAPT is dedicated to promoting abstinence from tobacco products and coordinating different prevention and cessation strategies throughout Essex County.

[1] 2007 & 2010 New Jersey Middle School Survey

[2] Topics in Brief: National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Prescription Drug Abuse – 2011”

[3] 2010 New Jersey Youth Tobacco Survey