ADAPT Member Monthly Reflection

Thank you members for your service to the residents of Essex County!

Monthly Reflection Form

The ADAPT team came up with a convenient way to track your efforts as a Coalition member. Go to our ADAPT Member Monthly Reflection Form to input your efforts during the past month.

Why is this Important?

It gives us an opportunity to show the impact that our members are making to minimize and prevent substance abuse throughout Essex County. Your efforts throughout the month are known as Coalition Outputs.

What are Coalition Outputs?

Coalition Outputs are the different types of actions that Coalition members take to achieve the goals and objectives of the coalition. The different types of Coalition Outputs are listed below.

Types of Coalition Outputs*:

Organizational Improvement:

Organizational Improvements are classified in three ways:

  • Organizational Change: Results in an internal (within the Coalition) new policy or practice. (i.e., the coalition started a Training Workgroup)
  • Training Attended: Trainings that are attended by a coalition staff or member on behalf of the Coalition.  Must be a planned event that includes more than just coalition staff or members.  The training should be related to improving the functionality of the coalition. ( i.e., conducting and attending a TIPS Training)
  • Technical Assistance: Is received by coalition staff or members through a planned event exclusively for coalition staff or members. (i.e., attending a Coalition Retreat with our evaluator)


Community Action

Coalitions are designed to create change. Coalition members must take action in order to create changes in POLICY OR PROGRAMMING. Actions must be related to a community change as well as the goals of the coalition such as focusing on substance abuse, healthcare, policy, and early childhood development.  Actions must have occurred and be facilitated by or on behalf of the coalition. Examples of community actions include meetings with policy makers, advocacy efforts, and organizing efforts.


Community Change:

Community changes are those changes that result in new and modified policies, practices or programs.  These changes must be facilitated by or on behalf of the coalition and must be aimed at the issues the coalition is working on. Changes must also affect the community external to the coalition.

Changes also include: Changes in physical design of the environment; the first time a program is implemented; when a practice of a program, systems, organization or business is changed/modified; when new coalition members are added (your recruitment efforts); and, when a new collaboration is started. One example is the implementation of a new permanent prescription medication drop box in the Millburn Police Department in collaboration with the Millburn Municipal Alliance.


Services Provided

Services are events provided by Coalition staff or members on behalf of the Coalition that encompass two-way communication (i.e., skills building workshops, providing support to local partners). The services must be directed at impacting the goals and objectives of the coalition. Services are delivered to individuals outside of the coalition and are intended to increase the skills or provide support to the participants. Examples of a service include providing information, building skills, and providing support.


Resources Generated

Resources Generated are utilized by the coalition for projects and initiatives. These resources include grants, donations, gift in-kind or volunteer hours. Resources Generated must have already occurred, be either money, gifts in-kind, or volunteer time, be used to enhance the coalition objectives, and must be used by the coalition and not its partners. Tracking resources generated is vital in order for the coalition to determine its long-term sustainability and achieve their objectives. Some resources include providing space, supplies, personnel, technology, and/or communication. For example, a coalition member sets up a meeting on behalf of the coalition or provides food for a coalition meeting.



The coalition brings attention to issues, events, and initiatives through media outputs such as television, radio, internet, and flyers. Media must have already occurred, and must either feature the coalition, one of its members, or its current goals and objectives. Even if media is not facilitated by the coalition, but features something about it, it is counted.


Questions about Filling out the Form?

Contact any Coalition staff member with your questions regarding filling out the form or the type of information to input. Once again, thank you for your time and efforts supporting the residents of Essex County!


* – Information adopted from Epiphany Community Services.


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