Anonymous Tips

Anyone who lives and/or works in Essex County can help ADAPT improve our communities.  Please help us by providing information about your neighborhood.  ALL INFORMATION RECEIVED WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS.  You do not have to provide personally identifiable information (unless you choose to) other than that which will elaborate on the reason for your tip (i.e., name of establishment, location of offense).

Some examples of tips/suggestions include:

  • Identify an establishment that is not carding individuals.
  • Report an incident of youth drinking alcohol.
  • Report an incident where your prescription medication was lost/stolen.
  • Request a Responsible Beverage Server (RBS) Training in your area.
  • Become a Coalition member or help with our initiatives in your area.

To leave an Anonymous Tip, fill out the form below or use our Tips Hotline: (862) 253-2957

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What tip would you like to leave with ADAPT?

When and where did this occur? (Please be very specific in your response)

What would you suggest to resolve this situation?

Have you contacted the authorities?

If so, what response did you receive?

Thank you for your input!  Don’t forget to become a member or stay updated on our efforts via email.